Transformative nlp trainings in Mumbai

Experience profound transformations in every aspect of personal and professional life, where you desire a change.


Deeper Connection

Experience deeper connection within and with others

Meditative states

Access deeper meditative states and  experience more happiness, peacefulness and confidence

Professional leap

Gain practical skills and techniques for enhancing professional life


Relationships & Memories

Heal relationships and hurtful memories that hold you back


Release emotions like anxieties, fears, frustrations and anger that bind you.


Stop negative thought patterns and gain freedom from past.

A participant experiencing freedom with NLP Technique during Abhay's NLP Course
Participant experiencing a deep healing experience during Abhay's NLP Course in Mumbai

About Transformative NLP - New Code NLP:

Transformative NLP - New Code NLP is an incredible and powerful methodology for creating deep transformations in personal and professional life.

Transformative NLP is considered as the user manual of the mind, since by experiencing a Transformative New Code NLP - NLP course, you will be equipped with skills and techniques to achieve the outcomes you truly desire in your life with more ease and in shorter time span.
Further, it will expand your awareness about self and others.

Moreover, during the Transformative New Code NLP - NLP Course in Mumbai you will experience deep transformations in every aspect of life where you desire a change.

Become internationally Certified New COde NLP / NLP Practitioner

Receive International certificate of New Code NLP- NLP Practitioner in Mumbai , certified by co-creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming - Dr. John Grinder and co-developers of New Code NLP - Bostic St Clair and Carroll

Abhay's NLP Course in Italy
Abhay - NLP Trainer from India, in John Grinder's NLP Course

NLP Trainer & New Code NLP Trainer

Abhay Thhakkar is the first Internationally Certified NLP Trainer from India, directly and personally certified by the co-creator of NLP as well as co-developers of New Code NLP, to facilitate both - Internationally Certified New Code NLP and NLP Trainings in India.

Abhay Thhakar is the founder and NLP Trainer of Transformative NLP Training, Mumbai.

Abhay- Best NLP Trainer from Mumbai, being facilitated by Mumbai Police
Abhay - The best NLP Trainer from India- sitting on the beach and enjoying
14 +

Years of Experience

5000 +

Hours of Training Experience

30 +

Cities participants from


Learning & Practicing NLP since 2008

Educational institutes & Corporate Trainings

Customised Transformative NLP Trainings are facilitated for corporates, educational institutes, NGO's and performers (dance, sports and acting).

Below are some of the clients ranging from corporates to educational institutes, where Abhay has facilitated customised New Code NLP - NLP Trainings that are designed for the growth of the organisation.


Abhay Thhakkar as New Code NLP - NLP Trainer

Abhay has been learning and practicing Neuro Linguistic Programming and other modalities such as Hypnotherapy and regression therapy since 2008.

He has learnt NLP and New Code NLP directly from the co-creators of NLP and co-developers of New Code NLP and NLP.
This includes co-creators of NLP - Frank Pucelik and Dr. John Grinder and co-developer of NLP- Christina Hall.

Abhay Thhakkar - Best NLP Trainer from India - with co-developer of NLP - Christina Hall.
Abhay Thhakkar (NLP Trainer from Mumbai) in Frank Puclik's NLP Master Practitioner Training in Spain.
Abhay Thhakkar facilitating NLP workshop in Mumbai
Abhay facilitating NLP corporate training in Mumbai

Abhay's NLP Training method

Abhay's experience of over 15 years gives him and his participants a deeper understanding of Neuro Linguistic Programming.
Further, this enables him to simplify the concepts of NLP to his participants.

In fact, Abhay is appreciated by his participants for simplifying the concepts of NLP to them and facilitating the New Code NLP - NLP courses in an experiential and practical way.
Thereby, making the sessions enjoyable and each participant can apply the learnings in their respective professional and personal life.

"The most valuable investment you can make is on your wellbeing and health" - Abhay Thhakkar